Areas Of Activities
  Petroleum / Crude Oil Products
  Bunker Surveys
  Draught Surveys
  Bunker Quantity / ROB Surveys
  Bunker Fuel Contamination Surveys and Lab Analysis
  Sludge Surveys
  Edible Oils
  Fertilizer / Cement
  Apparels / Garments
  Container Inspections​
  Commodity Inspections
  Bad Order Cargo / Damage / Condition Surveys
  Reefer Containers
  Bulk / Container Vessels
  Hull & Machinery
  Agricultural Products
  Perishable Commodities
  Sea Air Movement
  Minerals and Metals
  Tanktainers / GAS Free Certification
  Used Machinery Inspections
  Laboratory Services
  Factory Supervisions
  Factory Assessments
  Factory Stock Quality Control
We provide highly professionalized, reliable and customized independent Inspection / Surveys, Certifications and Laboratory Analysis Reports.
The years of Experience and Qualities of Versatility, Innovation and Capabilities have joined hands to form Survey Testing Bureau (Pte) Ltd which provides highly professionalized, reliable and customized independent/surveys, certifications and laboratory analysis reports. We have vast experience and expertise and the top management has over 35 years experience with globally renowned organizations and has a proven track record for handling a variety of inspection and laboratory analysis in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

STB delivers quality assured services wherever they are needed and as leader in providing customized solutions that identifies quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk. We help clients navigate in increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our clients' operations and ensure business sustainability.

Hold Cleanliness Report

Dry Docking Supervision

Hold Sealing

Transshipment-Multi-Country cargo operations in Port / Off Dock

P&I Surveys

Loss / Damage Surveys - Bad Order Cargo

SPBM and Pipeline monitoring

Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing

Bulk Liquid Products - Chemicals / Edible Oils

Loading and/or Discharge Supervision

Bulk Liquid Products - Chemicals / Edible Oils

Ship condition survey and evaluation

On/Off Hire Surveys

Management of Off-shore / On Shore Ship repairs

Cargo Analysis Sampling Dry/Liquid/Chemicals

Grain/Cement Bulk Discharge into Silos and Shore Meters Monitoring

Bagging Operations - Superintendence - quantity/weight

Crude Oil/Petroleum Products

Hold Cleanliness Report

Marine Refrigeration - Cool Room Analysis

Tank Tainer Inspections / Gas free Certificates

Tally Supervision

Hull & Machinery Survey

Project / Heavy Lift - Cargo loading / discharging

Tank Farm Superintendence

Full time loading / discharging supervision with photo

Quantity Calibration

Pre-Shipment Inspections

Draught Surveys

Bunker Surveys

Sludge Surveys

Bunker Quantity / ROB Surveys

  Systems & Services certification
  Consumer Testing
  Perishable Products
  Hull & Machinery
  Crude oil & Petroleum Products