Areas Of Activities
  Petroleum / Crude Oil Products
  Bunker Surveys
  Draught Surveys
  Bunker Quantity / ROB Surveys
  Bunker Fuel Contamination Surveys and Lab Analysis
  Sludge Surveys
  Edible Oils
  Fertilizer / Cement
  Apparels / Garments
  Container Inspections​
  Commodity Inspections
  Bad Order Cargo / Damage / Condition Surveys
  Reefer Containers
  Bulk / Container Vessels
  Hull & Machinery
  Agricultural Products
  Perishable Commodities
  Sea Air Movement
  Minerals and Metals
  Tanktainers / GAS Free Certification
  Used Machinery Inspections
  Laboratory Services
  Factory Supervisions
  Factory Assessments
  Factory Stock Quality Control
We provide highly professionalized, reliable & customized Independent Inspection / Surveys. STB ensures standardization and quality assurance.
A career @ STB is a world of opportunity to work alongside a team of dedicated professionals whose USP is Integrity. STB is conceptualized on the Foundation od Integrity, Impartiality and the highest standards of professional and moral ethics which is the Culture and Fiber of our organization. Our global and local clients depend on our trusted services which is the hallmark of our success.

Our success depends on the reputation for quality, safety and socially responsible products and processes, and our employees are fully focused towards their duty to achieve their core values and objectives to make a difference. Join our multi-talented global team at STB and work with some of the best, brightest, and most inspiring and experienced people in the testing, inspection, and certification industry in Sri Lanka.