Areas Of Activities
  Petroleum / Crude Oil Products
  Bunker Surveys
  Draught Surveys
  Bunker Quantity / ROB Surveys
  Bunker Fuel Contamination Surveys and Lab Analysis
  Sludge Surveys
  Edible Oils
  Fertilizer / Cement
  Apparels / Garments
  Container Inspections​
  Commodity Inspections
  Bad Order Cargo / Damage / Condition Surveys
  Reefer Containers
  Bulk / Container Vessels
  Hull & Machinery
  Agricultural Products
  Perishable Commodities
  Sea Air Movement
  Minerals and Metals
  Tanktainers / GAS Free Certification
  Used Machinery Inspections
  Laboratory Services
  Factory Supervisions
  Factory Assessments
  Factory Stock Quality Control
The practice of the professionalized team which attends to deliver your customized Independent Surveys, superintendence and lab analysis reports.
The Board of Directors have a vast experience and expertise and the Founder Director has over 30 yearsí experience with globally renowned inspection companies in Sri Lanka and lead the team which has a proven track record for handling a variety of Inspection and Laboratory analysis work in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The team of STB is committed to the core values of Integrity, professionalism and adherence to ethics in everything we do and we are available on 24 x 7 x 365 delivering Quality control.

The team is ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. They are steadily on course with the policy of independent, ethical and professional global compatibility quality Inspection and Laboratory services.
Our Vision is to be professional service provider which offers competitive and satisfactory services and our core competence is in inspection, verification, testing and certification with constant improvements in systemization to be world class.
Genuine, fair, honest and absolute trust worthy behaviour without compromising any of our professional and moral ethical core value which is integrity which is the fabric and culture of our organization and the foremost consideration in all activities. The USP of STB is integrity which is the basic and the End Product.
Advanced state of the art technology is the standardization for development of our organizations. Itís our constant effort to seek the zenith of innovation, continuous improvement, strategizing and customizing.